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Company Introduction

Designs and Fabricates the World's Biggest Launching Gantries

Tolian is one of the world's leading manufacturers for bridge construction equipment, heavy lifting equipment, special transporters and steel segments mould. Tolian works with clients from diverse industries in design and manufacturing of challenging engineering equipment. We pride ourselves on good aftersales care to maintain efficiency operations of our products.

Tolian products include machinery including bridge construction equipment, gantry cranes, straddle carriers, special transporters and steel segment moulds for pre-casting concrete. All of which are fully licensed by the Chinese government .

Tolian supplies equipment of high safety standard and advanced technology to the huge infrastructure construction projects in and out of China. Whilst maintaining a competitive cost to the customer.

Tolian has played a leading role in providing equipment for the successful construction of many key railway lines. For examples, Sutong Bridge, Shanghai Maglev Railway, Qinshen Passenger Line, Jingjin Railway Line, Guangzhou Light Rail, Beijing Subway No.13, Guangzhu Railway Line, Jinghu Railway Line, Wuguang Railway Line, Jingshi Railway LIne and many more.

Tolian leads the domestic market shares whilst maintaining and developing strong growth amongst international neighbours such as Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Kuwait, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka and India. We continue to strive forwards in a new market and strategically look to become a leading global brand.


Qinhuangdao Tianye Tolian Heavy Industry & Technology Co., Ltd , is an affiliate company of the public company Qinhuangdao Tianye Tolian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (Stock No.002459), specialising in research, design, fabrication and assembly as well as sales of heavy equipment. The company in undergoing excellent success and growth.

Qinhuangdao manufacturing base(assembly workshop) :155000m2

Beidaihe manufacturing base(fabrications and assembly):66700m2.

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