1700t Launching Gantry to Kuwait

LG1700 Launching Gantry with the rated lifting capacity of 1700 metric tons. It has been used in the construction of Kuwait-Doha Causeway in 2015.

Launching Gantry
    1000t LG/TP for Chang-Jing-Huang Railway
    LG2600t/80m for steel girder
    LG100 Segmental Launching Gantry for Steel Bridge in Indonesia
    Launching Gantry for girders and piers
    LG850 for Indonesia
    LG830 for Indonesia
    LG700t/45m for Thailand
    900t SLC for Taijiao Railway Line
    TPZ80-2500 Segmental LG for Zhengfu Passenger\'s Line
    LG1250-Motorway Route No.6
    LG550-Motorway Route No.6
    LG900 in Xinmin Jobsite
    LG700 for Thailand
    900t Special Launching Carrier(without guiding beam)
    600t span by span launching gantry to Indonesia
    500t Launching Gantry to Saudi Arabia
    660t Launching Gantry to Korea
    TP75 Span by span for Sutong Bridge
    180t Beam Launcher to Korea
    660t Span by Span Launching Gantry to Bangladesh
    2700t Span by Span Launching Gantry
    900t Special Launching Carrier
    1700t Launching Gantry to Kuwait
Straddle Carrier
    1000t/40m Straddle Carrier
    1200t Straddle Carrier
    1600t straddle carrier & 1800t rail mounted straddle carrier
    450t Rail Mounted Straddle Carrier for CRAC
    280t Straddle Carrier for SCG
    900t Straddle Carrier in Lunan Highspeed Railway
    900t Straddle Carrier in He-an Line
    260t Straddle Carrier in Saudi Arabia
    900t Straddle Carrier
    250t Straddle Carrier in Pakistan
    900t Straddle Carrier used in China
    850t*2 Straddle Carrier to Kuwait
    MSV to India
    100t Slag Pot Carrier for Hyundai
    550t Special transporter for rockets
    70t Scrap Basket Carrier
    70t Tyre Trolley for Mongolia
    250t Transporter
    550t Transporter
    80t SPC to Japan
    100t SPC to Korea
    425t*4 Tyre Trolley in Kuwait
    1000t Transporter to Canada
    Slag Pot Carrier to India
    Flat Tyre Trolley
    500t Tyre Trolley in Saudi Arabia
    900t Tyre Trolley used in China
Heavy Lifting
    250t Deck Derrick Crane for Croatia
    Deck derrick crane for Pingtang Super Bridge
    1100t Deck Derrick Crane for Pingtan Bridge
    1100t Gantry Crane for Shishou Yangtz River Bridge
    600t Deck Erection Crane for Humen No.2 Bridge
    300t Deck Derrick Crane
    Shipyard Gantry Crane
    Slewing Crane
    Overhead Crane
    Gantry Crane
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