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Tolian 1100t Derrick Crane finished Pingtan Bridge


On 25th September,2019, Tolian 1100t deck derrick cranes finished the erection of the last steel section for Guyumen Bridge. Guyumen Bridge is one of the three channel bridges of Pingtan Cross- sea bridge. The final closure of Guyumen Bridge also means the final closure of Pingtan Bridge. 

Pingtan Bridge is the longest cross-sea combined bridge in the world. The total length of Pingtan Cross-sea bridge is 16.34km. As a combined bridge, the design speed of Pingtan Bridge is 100km/h for road bridge and 200km/h for railway bridge. The construction environment of this bridge is much too complex and in order to solve the problems during the bridge construction, Tolian designed 1100t deck derrick crane for this bridge. 

TOLIAN has a long history in the design and manufacture of challenging equipment. TOLIAN equipment is leading the way in the development of elevated rail, expressways and bridge networks in China.

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